The company’s business credit check plan should include the following “four elements”


The company’s business credit check plan should include the following “four elements”

1. Time to investigate. Commercial credit agencies should grasp the characteristics of different investigation objects and choose appropriate and sufficient time to investigate, so as to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the collected credit information.
2. Survey subjects. Commercial credit bureaus should select the objects of investigation according to the content they need to investigate or verify. If the focus is on understanding the financial situation of the enterprise, try to schedule an interview with the financial manager of the organization; If the focus is on investigating the inventory situation of the enterprise, an appointment should be made to interview the relevant personnel of the planning department, production department and warehouse of the unit. In addition, under the conditions of confidentiality for the client, it is necessary to properly select the object of investigation.
3. Method of investigation. Before launching investigation business, commercial credit agencies must choose different investigation methods for different investigation objects. At present, the main investigation methods are as follows: first, notice investigation, that is, notify the investigation object, ask it to provide relevant information and declare credit history, and then sample verification and analysis of the obtained data and records; The second is the field investigation, that is, the investigators to the location of the investigation object to investigate; The third is the interview, that is, the investigators interview the relevant personnel to verify the facts and doubts.
4. The contents of the investigation. During the investigation work plan and preparation, the credit bureaus should prepare the “credit information collection list” and the list of investigation questions required for this investigation, so that the on-site interview can be targeted and avoid missing investigation items. In addition, credit bureaus can also provide the “credit information collection order” to data suppliers or other credit bureaus to collect or purchase relevant information.

Post time: May-06-2024

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