Application scenarios of credit investigation reports


Application scenarios of credit investigation reports

Because business credit agencies can carry out investigations and issue business credit check reports according to the purpose of the investigation of the client, the scope of application is relatively wide, including granting credit to the investigation object, selecting joint venture partners, and helping to deal with trade disputes or legal proceedings with customers; Provide reference for employers to recruit and manage employees; Provide the basis for insurance companies to decide whether to cover and determine premium rates.
Among them, the most important role of the credit investigation report is to help judge the level of risk of granting credit to the subject of investigation. In the pre-management stage, the credit report can be used to screen the true legitimacy of the customer, decide whether the customer’s application should be accepted, and determine the payment and repayment method of the sales contract or loan; In the management stage, the report can be used to determine the customer’s reasonable credit limit, analyze the customer’s debt repayment ability, track and monitor the customer’s credit status changes; In the post-management phase, reports can be used to diagnose the nature of the debt, understand the debtor’s situation, and decide on a recovery or settlement strategy.

Post time: May-06-2024

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