Regulation of top business credit reporting agencies in China


Regulation of top business credit reporting agencies in China

The People’s Bank of China requires the construction of a credit system covering the whole society, continuously improving the quality and efficiency of the central bank’s basic credit investigation services, gradually improving the multi-level commercial credit system, comprehensively strengthening the supervision of financial credit information basic database access agencies, credit investigation agencies, and commercial credit reporting agencies, steadily promoting cross-border credit investigation cooperation, and orderly carrying out credit investigation publicity and rights protection work. Remarkable results have been achieved in all work. The credit investigation line of the People’s Bank of China should scientifically study and judge the new situation and new tasks faced by the credit investigation work in the new era, constantly deepen the understanding of the nature and laws of the credit investigation work, actively integrate into the overall situation of the development of the digital economy, take the service of the real economy as the fundamental purpose, take the construction of a financial power as the goal, take credit investigation for the people as the value orientation, and comprehensively plan the construction path of a modern credit investigation system. We will consolidate and enhance the central bank’s position in basic credit reporting and consolidate its role as the main channel for serving the real economy. Deepen supply-side reform, cultivate and develop credit information market; Implement the requirements of strong supervision and strict supervision, and build a strict and effective credit information supervision system; Strengthen political guidance and forge a high-quality professional credit investigation team that is loyal, clean and responsible.

Post time: May-10-2024

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