How is the credit data of top business credit reporting agencies handled?


How is the credit data of top business credit reporting agencies handled?

In the process of business credit risk management, credit data is one of the important bases of credit decision. Externally, it is hoped that relevant government agencies will issue clearer guidelines on the opening of third-party data resources under the framework of data compliance and security. From the internal perspective of enterprises, the integration of credit data in big data to achieve more comprehensive and dynamic business decisions can be reformed and promoted from the financial departments of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises.
In the new situation, the credit risk problems of small and micro enterprises mainly include few data sources, lack of mature index system, lack of mature operation mode, and high flexibility and standard requirements of informatization. In order to solve these problems, we can adopt standardized risk control center, big data pool model, industry indicator database model, and combined AI technology. Through these measures, more comprehensive and refined risk control management can be achieved, the accuracy of model prediction can be improved, the interpretability of the model can be enhanced, and the operability of the risk control system can be optimized.
In the future, big data has become a trend, with the penetration of artificial intelligence to the credit industry, as well as the increase in the magnitude of data, more and more enterprises are using artificial intelligence, big data and other related technologies to provide more intelligent services, how to mine and use corporate credit data, is an important way to do a good job in enterprise credit management. It has become an inevitable trend to form an open and legalized big data platform to provide professional analysis for credit control personnel.

Post time: May-08-2024

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