What is “credit tech” for top business credit reporting agencies?


What is “credit tech” for top business credit reporting agencies?

In recent years, “credit technology” has increasingly become a hot topic in the field of finance and credit control in our country, with more and more seminars and publications around this topic. But today, the question of “What is credit technology?” “What kinds of technologies are credit technologies?” This kind of most basic questions, but has not formed a scientific sense of consensus. On the one hand, China’s theoretical research and technical development in the field of credit/credit control are flourishing, on the other hand, there is a lack of completeness in the coverage. Therefore, it is necessary for the credit/credit control industry and academia to conduct in-depth discussions on credit technology issues.

The reason why credit control service providers believe that the technical methods and index tools of “credit evaluation” and “credit risk index” can be included in the credit technology framework is that these two types of technologies have been widely used in enterprise credit risk measurement and control, and have deeply involved in non-bank financial credit control services.




Post time: May-16-2024

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