Gladtrust signed with Kunming Service Trade Association


Gladtrust signed with Kunming Service Trade Association

In order to give full play to the location advantages of Yunnan Province and Kunming City for the “Belt and Road” in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and strengthen the application of cross-border credit services in international cooperation, Kunming Service Trade Association (hereinafter referred to as “Kunming Service Trade Association”) and Qingdao Gladtrust Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gladtrust“) have reached a cooperation consensus. Jointly provide cross-border credit comprehensive services for Kunming – South Asia and Southeast Asia multilateral economic and trade exchanges, help enterprises to expand the global market, ensure trade security, and build credit security channels for enterprises to “go global”.

On April 18, 2024, the signing ceremony of “Kunming Service Trade Association and Gladtrust Cooperation Agreement” was successfully held in Gladtrust Credit Living Room, and Kunming Commerce Bureau witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties. Guests attending the signing event include: Zhao Yang, Deputy Director of Kunming Bureau of Commerce, Yang Rui, Director of Foreign Investment Department of Kunming Bureau of Commerce, Deng Xunke, Service Trade Department of Kunming Bureau of Commerce, Zhang Xiaobin, Secretary General of Kunming Service Trade Association, Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary General, Song Shuda, President of Qingdao Gladtrust Management Co., Ltd., Xing Yue, General manager of Gladtrust Management (Beijing) Co., LTD.

At the signing ceremony, Song Shuda, president of Gladtrust, introduced in detail the global coverage, business segments and one-stop credit management solutions of Gladtrust‘s comprehensive credit management services, and expounded the plan and goal of Gladtrust‘s landing in Kunming.

Zhang Xiaobin, secretary-general of Kunming Service Trade Association, said that he hopes to take advantage of the opportunity of Kunming to strive for the innovative development of service trade pilot cities, jointly promote the in-depth development of Kunming’s digital trade and cross-border credit comprehensive services in the local area, and further optimize the international business environment.

Zhao Yang, Deputy Director of Kunming Bureau of Commerce, summarized the meeting, summarized the discussion results, clarified the direction and plan of follow-up cooperation, conducted in-depth discussions on how to promote the landing of Gladtrust Comprehensive credit management service in Kunming and how to strengthen cooperation, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions. Deputy Director Zhao said that Yunnan is a raw jade, is an important channel connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia in China, and contains many opportunities. We look forward to the cooperation between the two sides to help the south door open wider and wider.

The signing of the agreement marks an important step in the cross-border credit comprehensive service cooperation between the two sides, and the two sides will work together to give full play to their respective advantages, promote the smooth implementation of the project, and make positive contributions to the optimization of the international business environment and help enterprises “go global”.


Post time: Apr-23-2024

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